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Internet has become really common in the present age and everyone have the access to the Internet. Now every business is getting online and is available to everyone in the world. In this era, every business is having success due to the use of Internet. It’s not something shocking that every business is now present online and every individual can buy anything he wants online through different websites developed by various organizations.



Twitter: To Follow or Not To Follow?

It only takes a few minutes to follow someone on Twitter.  The “follow-me on Twitter” model is what people use to get people to communicate with them on their Twitter website.  This is the way that people get acquaintance with one another as you participate in conversations with them.



How Social Media Can Help Your Business?

The world as we know it has changed forever with the emergence of the Internet. We now have access to people, places, technologies and information through a single click. There’s a whole new world out there to engage, interact with and inform using online social media tools. In today’s business scenario, social media offers an easy, affordable and effective way to connect with your target audience and create brand awareness.


How To Get Twitter Traffic?

One of the newest ways in social marketing is Twitter.  It is the newest craze that a lot of people are using now.  Not only is it a way to get to know more people, it can also be used to get traffic.  Getting Twitter traffic can maximize your exposure in ways you may have never imagined. If you don’t have a Twitter account, then you will need to sign up for one.  It’s easy and it only takes a few minutes.  The best part about having one is that it is free.  In order to get Twitter traffic, you must follow proper etiquette.  There are things that you should and should not do in order to make your Twitter site effective.

First you want to build a list of followers to your Twitter site.  Twitter traffic depends on getting followers.  Followers can help you get exposure and vice versa.  Take time to build your list of followers and cultivate a relationship with them.  Get to know them and allow them to get to know you.  You want their trust just as much as they want your trust. When you are posting tweets to your Twitter site, provide the posts with substance and meaning.  Your followers will be interested in what you have to say and will continue to come back for  more.  You can get more Twitter traffic as long as you are sincere and honest with your posts.

Continue to participate and observe your followers.  If you don’t post tweets, then your followers will think that you are not interested anymore and will stop tweeting at your Twitter website.  Getting the most out of Twitter traffic hinges on whether or not you participate in engaging with your followers. To keep the relationship going, you can tweet on comments that were sent to you from previous tweets.  This way, you can post your tweet again and include your link.  This is a subtle way that you can use to promote your business.  It would not be considered spam because your purpose was to comment on the tweets.  If  you have a lot of followers, then your chances are greater for people to visit your website.

One thing that you should not do is to overtweet.  If you send too many tweets, followers will be turned off and go elsewhere.  Also, if your tweets are not interesting, followers will not stick around.  It’s important to keep the momentum going if you want to continue getting Twitter traffic.

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Getting Started With Social Networking

Each social networking site is designed differently, but ultimately allows users to create a profile, update their preferences, and share this information with friends and family. Since they are creating this growing network of information, a pattern of tastes and preferences is established – and made publicly available. This profile is the key element of interest to marketers; it’s created with basic registration and in most cases, an e‐mail address and login name allow complete access to the social networking platform. The visitor can begin publishing their activity to share with fellow social networkers, and this creates a network of categories.

2 Main Steps are described as shown.

1. Registration

  • Create your profile on your selected social networking site. Upload a photo (if there is) and do not use a fake name.
  • Type in as much true information as possible about yourself or your company. It must be relevant to your targeted audience.
  • Always include a link to your website and indicate your email address.
  • Make your site unique but not over “flashy”.
  • Use the correct social networking etiquette as you would want to be genuine and sincere to your readers.
  • Emphasize on your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) on what benefits your readers will get, instead on the features .

2. Getting Friends / Followers

  • Search for targeted friend profiles and identify the audience who are likely to be interested in what you got to offer.
  • Add them as your friends but do not overdo it. The social networking site will see you as a spammer if you add too many friends at a time.
  • Send them an introductory and conversational message. Address them by their name as it would be more real and they will not see it as an automated message.

You should NEVER:

  1. Do not create a “product” profile, unless you own a world famous brand or product. People who you will be friending and interacting with will have “who the heck is this?” reaction. You will be most probably be ignored or reported as spam in the worst case scenario.
  2. Do not use tracing cookies or software to track, interfere and gather data on the user’s computer. This is definitely unethical.
  3. Do not infringed other peoples’ copyrights by using their photos or contents without their permission. If you really need to use their photos or contents, send them an email to request and suggest linking back to their site. In most cases, they will allow you to use it.
  4. Do not use too “flashy” graphical effects or text. This will make your site hard to read for the readers. You want your readers to understand the message that you want to bring across, not asking them to figure out what your site is all about.



What Is MySpace?

MySpace is a kind of social network that is extremely hot right now. It gets millions of visitors to its site each day and it is one of the most visited websites in the world. MySpace is a phenomenal and provides marketers another river to market their resources abundantly as it consist a large network of individuals.



Using Twitter For Business?

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that allows its users to communicate and stay connected through answering one simple answer – “What are you doing?” – in 140 characters just like a SMS message. Business are using Twitter as way of extending their customer service, keeping interested parties up to date on their latest news and giving exclusive deals to their followers. It allows companies to do a better job at reaching out to the consumers, create a branding awareness and marketing channel.

Social networking is all about conversations. Many people have asked “how can you communicate any important message in just a few words, limiting to 140 characters? How could we market the product across to the consumers?” Great marketers will tell you being concise is the skill of a great marketer. And with the ability to embed links into your tweets, you have the option to link to larger message content, website or promotions. If you browse a bit through Twitter, you will undoubtedly find Twitter users for a lot of popular online and offline brands, that simply track their day to day progress and update with valuable breaking news. The thing about twitter branding is that it’s a lot more personal, helping you to thin the line between you and your customers. As it’s the case with most social media services, you can use Twitter to market and pitch your products. However Twitter won’t directly help you market your content but rather indirectly by helping build your brand name and authority. After you have established yourself as an authority to your audience, sales will follow as well.

Benefits for Companies Using Twitter

  • Build relationships and networks – the era of the monotonous press release are over
  • Complement existing customer service
  • Direct people’s attention to good things
  • Listen to what consumers are saying about your product – both good and bad
  • Participate proactively in discussions with your customers
  • Breaks news faster than other sources
  • Conduct market surveys
  • Help with business development
  • Create a back-channel at events for instant feedback

Should You Be On Twitter?

  • Do you want a low or no cost tool to add to your marketing mix?
  • Do you want immediate feedback on what your customers think?
  • Do you want to pro actively engage one to one with customers?
  • Are you willing to be transparent and authentic and not hide behind corporate speak and/or policies?
  • Are you prepared to respond to your audience?
  • Are you comfortable with “building good will” as an objective?
  • Are you able to devote the time to do this right?

Marketing is about finding the right tools for the job. Define your purpose of having an account and what type of updates will be given so that consumers can decide if they want to follow or not. Fact is Twitter is just lovely and I would not hide the fact that I am a fan myself. Why not add me at @JasperOng



Why Social Networking Sites are So Popular?

Social Networking websites, over the past few years, have rapidly increased in popularity, so much that many are wondering why.

If you have used a social networking website before, it is likely that you are already fully aware of their popularity and the reason for popularity. There is just something about these websites that draw in millions of Internet users. With a wide variety of different social networking websites available, there are a wide variety of different reasons for their popularity. One those reasons being the ease of use.